Artemide  has been a manufacturer and supplier of innovative lighting products since 1959. Its products consist of indoor lighting, outdoor lighting and decorative lighting for residential and commercial units. The major categories of indoor lights from Artemide are table luminaires, floor luminaires, suspension luminaires and wall or ceiling luminaires.

The first table lamp from Artemide was the Alfa. Built of an opaque nickel-plate, the Alfa consisted of a base built in black marble. Some of the most popular table lamps from Artemide are Boalum, Eclisse, Fato, Lesbo and many more. The Nesso from Artemide is available in a white and orange ABS resin. The Patroclo consists of a body built of transparent blown glass.

The floor luminaires from Artemide are Boalum, Iride, Chimera, Yang and many more. These are available in a variety of colours and innovative designs. The Mezzachimera consists of a metal base painted in white. It has a curved structure that adds to the aesthetic value of the room. Metacolor from Artemide consists of a pillar that is coloured by blue, green and red polychromatic and fluorescent tubes. In contrast, the Prometeo is a steel built floor lamp made wholly in black.