Arte Light International  offers an extensive range of attractive and cost effective lightings. Carmen series of wall mounted lightings comprise of features including brushed nickel frame in combination with frosted white glass diffuser. This lighting fixture is available in conjunction with back plate and standard four inch junction box. These lighting fixtures comply with industry standards. Lightings provided by Arte Light International include wall mounted lights, suspension lights, ceiling lights as well as table mounted lights.

Arte Light International provides these lighting fixtures to a comprehensive range of clients. Betta wall mounted luminaries from Arte Light International comprise of features including chrome frame in combination with transparent hand blown glass. The wall mounted luminaries from Arte Light International enhance the aesthetic look of the surroundings. These decorative lighting fixtures have been specifically designed for designer as well as architectural markets.

Arte Light International offers table mounted lightings. These table mounted lights are available in different brands. Arte Light International offers Blow AP series of table mounted lights that comprises of features including inner rotating frame, outer frame as well as outer clear crystal lamp.