Artcraft  manufactures extensive range of traffic signs, road safety equipment, work place safety signs and quality park and street furniture. With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing traffic control equipment and sign designing industry, Artcraft supplies a wide range of safety signs for various industrial and commercial needs. Artcraft supplies several kinds of traffic signs and road safety equipment such as warning signs, guide signs, regulatory signs, temporary warning signs, guide posts, hazard signs, sign blanks and materials, street name signs, transportation signs, posts and brackets, work zone products, parabolic mirrors, safety tapes, speed humps and rumble bars and pavement markings.

The warning signs from Artcraft are used on roads, to warn drivers of potentially hazardous conditions. Warning signs are designed in dimond shapes, with a black sysmbol on a reflectorised yellow background. The W8 series of warning signs designed by Artcraft are available in rectangular shapes. Installation of warning signs requires much caution, depending on the nature of the hazard, the warning distance and the prevailing speed, to ensure complete safety to road users and drivers.

Guide signs designed by Artcraft are used to inform road users about the distance and direction from destination. Guide signs can be used to provide useful information to road users on specific locations, parking areas, rest areas and camping sites.