Perforated metal panels from Arrow Metal are not only making a strong branding statement for the new ASICS Oceania headquarters in Sydney but have also formed the basis for a vertical garden at the property.

Designed by architects Reid Campbell, SBA, Siren Design and UK-based WDC, the impressive hub of sports giant ASICS at Sydney Business Park, Marsden Park spans a massive 57,000 square metres.

Arrow Metal’s aluminium perforated sheets provided the base for ASICS’ green wall logo installation. Tasked with creating perforated sheets to become the perfect planter for the green wall, the Arrow Metal team used 3mm aluminium to fabricate 36 perforated panels.

Perforated metal delivers multiple benefits over common living wall materials such as mesh in green wall and vertical garden installations:

Customised perforations

ASICS’ architects chose a classic, standard perforation style, with bespoke tweaks to suit the specific needs of a green wall. Each panel featured a customised perforation of 70mm diameter round holes, with a pitch of 87mm. It was based on Arrow Metal’s popular P287 perforation, but with the holes punched closer together.

Customised growing

The climbing plants below the installed panels will naturally grow into the carefully-positioned holes of the aluminium perforated sheet, eventually circling the ASICS logo at the centre.

Stable and strong

Perforated metal is durable, strong and very stable, making it perfect for a green wall base installation.

Improved aesthetics

Each panel created for the ASICS project is finished in a ‘Windspray’ colour, in keeping with the contemporary building envelope. Perforated metal can be customised with colours and effects for better aesthetics than traditional mesh.