Flippa desktop display systems from Arnos Australia are an ideal way to organise, store, protect, and display frequently used information.

The Flippa display system ensures that documents are easily accessible, with the panels able to swing effortlessly and remain open at the required place for information at a glance. Australian designed and manufactured, Flippa display systems have a patented design that ensures comfortable ergonomic viewing.

These desktop displays are supplied with 10 panels but have the ability to be expanded to a 20 panel system by adding a 10 panel wall display (product number B180) to the existing desktop system. The Flippa extension kit (product number B291) facilitates expansion by enabling two desktop display systems to be joined together.

Flippa desktop display systems help to display information instantly in numerous environments including:

  • Office and reception
  • Warehouses
  • Customer service
  • Data processing
  • Travel agencies
  • Exhibitions
  • Libraries
  • Financial institutions
  • Sales and marketing
  • Inventory and quality control
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitals and medical labs
  • Retail stores