Arnos Australia  presents the new and economical range of Hang-A-Plan general plan binders and clamps designed for efficient plan filing and storage.  

Available at a great new low price, the Hang-A-Plan plan binders are compatible with Hang-A-Plan front loader trolleys and similar trolleys including Planhorse.  

The general plan binders come with a high quality three-piece clamp for superior strength and ease of use. The spring loaded clamp is designed to instantly open while the binder handles are centred for easy balanced carrying.  

The clamp is made from premium grade silver anodised aluminium with the handle and wing nuts made from industrial strength fibreglass nylon composite. Each clamp can hold 100 – 150 sheets of A1 – A0 size paper. Two index labels are supplied with each binder to simplify indexing.  

Similar to all Hang-A-Plan binders, the general plan binders come with a 10-year guarantee.  

The economical general binders have been launched by Hang-A-Plan to offer customers a better range of options over cheap imports.  

The Australian-made Hang-A-Plan plan filing systems offer fast, easy and efficient filing and storage of plans, drawings, charts, maps, graphics and oversized sheets among others. Designed as vertical plan filing/ large sheet storage systems, Hang-A-Plan filing and storage systems incorporate multiple innovations and design patents on trolleys and plan binders.  

Key benefits of Hang-A-Plan plan filing systems:  

  • Up to 80% floor space savings from vertical filing
  • Faster filing, storage or retrieval of plans
  • Binder allows the user to carry groups of sheets and also conveniently flip through
  • Sheets of various sizes can be held together in a single binder  
  • Eliminates the need to roll or fold plans
  • Portable trolleys can be moved around the office and sites