Aristocrat Signs  is a manufacturer and supplier of a variety of signs and posters in Australia. Its most popular products include building signs, neon and illuminated signs and vehicle signs.

Light box signs from Aristocrat Signs are made of lightweight aluminium. They are also known as illuminated signs. The applications that it can be used for are mounted and pictured pylon, wall mounted and under awning.
The light box sign from Aristocrat Signs consists of a box frame that is internally illuminated with the help of fluorescent tubes and lighting. The faces of the sign in the front and rear are made wholly out of Perspex. It is this portion of the sign that contains the logo, text and graphics of the company for whom the sign is being built. These features of the sign are in translucent colours which makes them visible even when the sign is not illuminated.

Neon lights are the most effective way to attract customers and clients to a shop or company. Neon lights from Aristocrat Signs are mounted in a variety of ways according to customer demands. Fab letter signs have neon lighting behind the Perspex cover which contains the logo and text. Open face signs have neon tubes mounted on the aluminium.