Arens International released the new solar chain winder and programmable remote control at the 2015 R+T Stuttgart where Arens co-exhibited with Dynaveil.

The new solar chain winder integrates Dynaveil’s knowledge of solar cells and rechargeable batteries with Arens’ expertise in window actuators to deliver a purpose-built solar actuator. Dynaveil technology’s proven track record for reliability makes it the ideal choice for powering and recharging the Arens solar chain winders.

The advanced design of Arens’ solar chain winders minimises power consumption and optimises the charge rate, ensuring that it is always ready to operate when required. The performance or reliability of the actuator is not compromised, making it suitable for installation on remote windows in both commercial and domestic applications.

Key features and benefits of Arens solar chain winders include no cabling requirement, allowing installation to new and existing windows; single cell technology recharging the battery to power the actuator; expected life of 7-10 years for rechargeable battery in the actuator; ability to charge the actuator with any USB charger in rooms with low sunlight levels; window opening of 300mm enabled, facilitating natural ventilation; and operation via a programmable remote control, wall switch or Building Management System integration.

Arens’ new programmable remote control allows up to six channels of windows to be operated with one or more actuators per channel from a single handset; enables window actuators, and internal and external blinds to be operated from a single handset; and offers the flexibility to operate a single actuator with multiple remote controls.

Arens’ solar chain winder and programmable remote control will soon be available on the market.