A sheet roofing membrane solution from ARDEX Australia helped the Cumberland Lorne Resort in Victoria avoid operational disruptions and loss of bookings during the refurbishment of the roofs of several apartments.

The severely degraded roofing membrane in a number of apartments and penthouses at the popular resort was causing leaks though it had been repaired a number of times using a liquid membrane with little success. Remedial specialists consulted by the resort advised complete removal of the existing membrane, cleaning the concrete roof and then applying a liquid membrane to resolve the ongoing issue.

Full Stop Waterproofing, the company commissioned to undertake the job, surveyed the 550 square metre roof with its ocean-front location, and estimated a time of six to eight weeks to complete the proposed roof refurbishment. The project could also only be completed in summer due to the overly wet weather during the rest of the year, which would potentially cause major disruption to the hotel and its guests as well as result in loss of bookings.

Following a consultation with ARDEX Australia, Full Stop Waterproofing suggested an alternative solution, the new generation ARDEX TPO sheet roofing membrane that would not only be quicker to install and prove more effective, but would significantly reduce the cost of the project as well as the environmental impact.

Using the ARDEX TPO sheet roofing membrane solution, Full Stop Waterproofing was able to complete the roof refurbishment of the Cumberland Lorne Resort in just two weeks with a team of two to three contractors against the original estimate of eight weeks using the initially specified liquid membrane.

Lee Gordon, General Manager, Cumberland Lorne Resort explained that they decided to go with the ARDEX TPO solution based on the assurance of the quick application process irrespective of weather conditions. He added that ARDEX TPO not only saved on installation costs but also minimised disruption to the business.

A high performance waterproofing membrane consisting of thermoplastic polyolefin blending polypropylene and ethylene propylene rubber, ARDEX WPM 615 TPO is a scrim-reinforced membrane that combines the durability of rubber with the heat welding properties of thermoplastic in a flexible sheet. The membrane is hot-air welded during application to deliver a fully secure, consistent seam quality. Additionally, the pre-formed corners and boots offered by the ARDEX TPO solution help complete all penetrations and corners of the roof area easily.

Key features and benefits of ARDEX TPO waterproofing membrane include availability in 30-metre sheets measuring two metres wide and weighing just 1.53kg per square metre for easier handling; variety of installation options for low slope roofing applications in both refurbishment and new construction projects; single ply protection with fast, hot-air welded seams delivering a rapid, safe, emission-free and environment-friendly installation process; chlorine-free, non-halogenated and plasticiser-free formulation for environmental advantages; and recyclability ensuring lower manufacturing footprint.

The white colour of ARDEX TPO creates a heat-reflective index of over 70 per cent with a high proportion of this index retained for the lifetime of the membrane due to its colourfast retention properties.