ARDEX Australia has introduced a new specification tool on its website designed to provide complete product recommendations for a range of projects.

The comprehensive specification tool functions as an advanced manual for trade professionals by taking users from product selection to preparation and application advice.

The new specification tool covers three main categories: Waterproofing, Tiling and Flooring. Users have to simply enter general information regarding a project to receive advice on complete product requirements.

For instance, specifiers have to input data such as the type of application and the substrate they are working with to get a list of the most suitable ARDEX products, preparation requirements as well as details of the application. Each specification document can be easily downloaded, emailed or printed for reference.

The three specification tools cover a huge range of projects from tiling a bathroom to fitting a green roof or installing an exposed wear surface.  The ARDEX Specification Tool App can be downloaded from the ARDEX Australia website or the ARDEX App from the App Store and Google Play.

ARDEX developed the new specification tool with the intent to take the product selection tool even further by providing trade professionals a warranted system solution from beginning to end.

In addition to the specification tool, ARDEX supply a manufacturer’s product warranty or guarantee.The value of a manufacturer’s product warranty or guarantee varies enormously and its value cannot be judged by the period it is valid for, but by what it covers during the period.

The Ardex Australia Guarantee or Warranty covers the:

  • repair or replacement of the product PLUS;
  • the costs of re-installation of the product PLUS;
  • the costs of replacement of any immediate covering such as tiles or carpet.

Some manufacturers only cover the replacement of the material (eg waterproof membrane) which they discount by the years the defective material had been installed.

The cost of a floor leveller, waterproof membrane, tile adhesive and grout represents a very small percentage of the total cost of any repair job resulting from a manufacturer’s defective product. A guarantee or warranty that only insures the job for repair and/or replacement of the defective product (ie. waterproof membrane) regardless of the period is next to worthless.

So next time you consider a product guarantee, make sure you look past the term of the guarantee and into what it covers. Ardex Australia offers either a Product Warranty or a SystemARDEX Warranty on all Ardex products.

Product Warranty
A product warranty is applicable on all Ardex products for a period of between 10 - 20 years depending on the product. Ardex warrant that their manufactured product is free from defects as well as being suitable for the purpose for which it is intended, that is as long as it has been applied in accordance with the Ardex published literature. 

For additional information on the ARDEX Australia Warranties or Guarantees visit or speak to an ARDEX professional on 1300 788 780.