Leading floor and wall finishing systems brand PANDOMO has announced upcoming 2013/14 trends for the Australian interior space, specifically for internal residential and commercial walls and floors. 

PANDOMO’s floor and wall finishing systems have provided home owners, interior designers and architects with a smooth, crack- and impact-resistant canvas to create their designs. PANDOMO transforms disjointed walls and floors, delivering a seamless openness to every surface. 

ARDEX Sales and Marketing Manager Fabian Morgan explains that PANDOMO represents Australian style, which is focused on maximising space and light, presenting a clean, minimalist and industrial tone, whilst also striking out to capture bold accents of colour to provide contrast or focal points. 

PANDOMO trends forecast for Australia 2013/ 2014

Industrial greys, off whites, beiges and earthy browns as well as bold accents of colour are some of the trends predicted for 2013-14.

Minimalist and Industrial Greys to provide a sense of space

There is increasing demand for lighter variations of PANDOMO Wall Pure range from both the residential and commercial sectors. When used on walls, the grey palette enhances the sense of space, while also providing a firm sense of solidity.

Off Whites to enhance natural light

The PANDOMO Wall and Floors Light range addresses Australians’ love for light, with the Off White and Pure White hues in great demand as they enhance available natural light and provide an increased sense of openness.

Glowing Beiges and Earthy Browns to imbue warmth 

Australians also love wood and the sense of warmth it imparts; browns within PANDOMO’s Wall Natural and Accent palettes continue to be leading favourites, alongside the warm aggregate specked PANDOMO Terrazzo flooring.

Bold Accents of colour to highlight focal points

There is an increasing demand for a number of bold bright colours in PANDOMO’s Accent and Natural palette such as reds, crimsons, eggplant purples and green tones in addition to metallics such as gold, silver and bronze.

Increasing imprint of brand in the working environment

According to Morgan, the versatility of the PANDOMO Wall, Floor and Terrazzo products is now providing possibilities for ‘brand’ integration, especially with an increase in demand for brand-specific bold colour accents in the corporate sector.

PANDOMO’s floor and wall finishing systems are available from ARDEX Australia .