Now supplied by Arden Architectural Staircases , G1 glass balustrades feature fully framed glass panels that can be reduced to specifications as low as 6mm in laminated safety glass.

Since windows and internal glass walls in most commercial fit-outs are generally framed, these glass balustrades are often adopted by architects to create coherence with the surrounding architectural features.

Frame profiles and materials can be specified in configurations that ensure maximum coherence with surrounding components, thereby integrating the staircase of balustrade as closely as possible with wider designs.

These glass balustrades are defined by a fabricated frame around the full perimeter of each panel, which allows glass specifications to be reduced to minimise expenditure on glass components.

While panels are typically specified in glass, other applicable glazing mediums can be adopted, such as:

  • polycarbonate-based glazing plastics
  • Perspex
  • steel mesh; or
  • sheet metal.
Handrails can be mounted from stanchions to maintain compliance with the 1428 disability code. Alternatively, the framing at the top edge of each panel can be modified to create an effective timber or steel handrail.