Aquatrek (Supadiverta) ’s syphonic systems allow the harvesting and redistribution of rainwater at negligible material and plumbing costs, often over lengthy distances. 
Syphonic systems are also useful in resolving one of the major problems confronting home owners wanting to site a large tank away from the house: the need to use WET transfer systems which may result in 

  • Expensive and unsightly pipework.
  • The pipeworks low velocity will not vertically transfer sediment and, unless drained and cleaned, will result in a rapid accumulation of putrid sludge within the pipework (sediment trap).
  • If wet systems outlets are not fitted with a flap valve, the exposed water is at risk of becoming a mosquito haven with mosquito eggs and larvae flushing into the tank when it rains.
Revolutionary syphonic drainage systems requiring fewer and smaller downpipes are increasingly being used in large commercial buildings, resulting in cost savings and greater architectural design freedom.
Once the systems are primed, water is sucked into the pipework due to gravity induced velocity, creating sub atmospheric pressure within the pipework. 
The Melbourne Cricket Ground, Eureka Tower (Melb), Sydney Cricket Ground, Adelaide Airport, Adelaide Convention Centre, Brindabella Business Park (ACT) and Brisbane Square are all using syphonic drainages.