Aquarius Rubber Aust  is a manufacturer and supplier of innovative rubber products made wholly out of EPDMA and Silicon rubber.

Styrowedge from Aquarius Rubber Aust is used to attach cameras, down pipes and lights to existing foam wall boards. These are offered by the company in a bag of 50 pieces.

Flashings from Aquarius Rubber Aust are aluminium based and can be used specifically for tile roofs. A number of types such as No. 8 Versatile Red Moulded and No. 5 Versatile Black moulded are available in the flashings range.

Aquarius Rubber Aust introduces Wakaflex, a product to replace lead. It is a self adhesive flashing which has no traces of lead in it. The absence of lead makes the product light weight and non-toxic.

Washers and grommets from Aquarius Rubber Aust are made of EPDMA rubber. Bonded washers are made of EPDMA rubber but are bonded to substances such as stainless steel, galvanised steel or aluminium.

Aquarius Rubber Aust has been producing and supplying moulded rubber goods since 1973. Customised products and tools can also be acquired by customers on special orders at competitive prices From Aquarius Rubber Aust.