Established in 2009, AquaPlex Industries is a large Australian company integrating the design, shipping, installation and supply of structural acrylic products.

Based in Melbourne with supply and installation branches Australia wide, AquaPlex Industries provides top quality structural acryclic products for various construction applications, in particular swimming pools.

Structural acrylic from AquaPlex Industries can be moulded into any shape and size, offering limitless possibilities for design and aesthetics. When it comes to safety and structural flexibility, AquaPlex Industries' acrylic is an outstanding material ideal for the construction of swimming pools and aquariums.

Key features and benefits of structural acrylic from AquaPlex Industries include:

  • approximately 17 times stronger and 50% lighter than glass
  • ore impact resistant and optically superior to glass
  • offers 20% more insulation than glass, which reduces temperature fluctuations
  • more versatile than glass, offering limitless design potential
  • easy to repair if scratched
  • non-toxic
  • chemical welding of joins for better viewing and presentation
  • freight, insurances and installation included in the reasonable price
  • available in regular and irregular shapes
  • thicknesses between 15mm- 500mm according to different water pressures or structural applications
  • available in any size.