The innovative aquaBUBBLER drinking fountain is the drinking fountain of the 21st century.

aquaBUBBLER drinking fountains provide access to the world’s most precious resource while being cost-saving and hygienic.

They are environmentally friendly and designed to be attractive, low-maintenance, water-efficient, hygienic, and most importantly, vandal and graffiti resistant.

It is ideal for inside and outside use for educational institutions, public parks, community facilities, sports grounds and workplaces.

The drinking fountain is Australian made, minimising the carbon footprint. Additionally it is environmentally friendly. It is 100% recyclable, with no parts ending up in the landfill when it has reached the end of its life. It also provides clean water and a drink bottle refill facility to reduce the need for purchasing bottle water.

With its ergonomic design, it is easy and convenient to use. A dual-level design – available in 700mm or 800mm versions – is accessible to everyone, while the tap shape is easy to use, consisting of a simple large push button.

aquaBUBBLER is in line with the Disability Discrimination Act’s drinking fountain design recommendations (under AS 1428.2 1992 Clause 27.3)providing a water bottle and cup filler at a height of 700mm and an easy operational push button.

As a society, we’re realising the importance of creating more sustainable products. The aquaBUBBLER was designed with sustainable ideals in mind – drinking fountains had remained unchanged for decades, while drinking habits had not. It is designed to minimise water waste, with an easy-to-adjust water pressure tap, combined with a non-squirt water exit nozzle.

aquaBUBBLER drinking fountains come in a range of modern colours and designs which will appeal to children and adults alike. They can even be customised to include a company logo on the fountain.

aquaBUBBLER will look after the fountain for its entire lifetime, providing total support from design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and removal.

Additional options of chilling and filtering of water are also available.