Aqua Wash Technologies  offers a wide range of dishwashers. They also provide quality service, repair and replacement for its gamut of dishwashers. Aqua Wash Technologies supplies dishwashers of various brands including Eswood, Washtech, Norris, Comenda and Sharpline.

Washtech from Aqua Wash Technologies provides a wide range of dishwashers for commercial purposes. Washtech AL provides single rack dishwashers. Single rack dishwashers aid in cleaning a variety of glasses, dishes and cutlery quickly and efficiently. AL washes up to 80 racks per hour. AL8 washers from Aqua Wash Technologies are ideal for sanitizing and washing a gamut of utensils and food processing equipment. CD100 from Washtech is a rack conveyor dishwasher. These rack conveyor dishwashers are compact, easy to operate and highly reliable. GLV range of dishwashers rinses about 435mm racks of cutlery, dishes and cups per hour. The Washtech M2 is a high capacity and efficient dishwasher which is suitable for medium size restaurants.

Sharpline from Aqua Wash Technologies offers a wide range of dishwashers which includes fully automatic front loading commercial dish washers, fully automatic dishwasher which rinses up to 1000 plates per hour and various other automatic dishwashers. Norris from Aqua Wash Technologies offers various economic dishwasher ranges which are suitable for coffee shops, small hotels and residential uses.