Aqua Action Slides  is a family owned company providing high quality products related to swimming pools. With constant improvement and commitment in the business, Aqua Action Slides has gained a reputed place in the industry. Aqua Action Slides uses top quality materials for the manufacture of the products which meets high standards and specifications.

Aqua Action Slides designs and offers strong and reliable swimming pool slides which provide sturdy and safe slide enjoyment for entire family members and guest. The slides from Aqua Action Slides come with waterwise flow system which facilitates the recirculation of water from the pools. The waterwise flow system provided in the slides from Aqua Action Slides also enables a cool and smooth ride every time, as it deepens the slide. While being integrated with the pool filter, the waterwise flow system provides a steady flow of water that has been recirculated from the pool.

The handle bars, ladders, front legs and centre support legs of the slides from Aqua Action Slides are made of stainless steel to provide durability and safety. A non-slip grip for feet is ensured because the ladders of these slides are made of stainless steel with vulcanised industrial rubber. These ladders can also accommodate different feet sizes.