Antique MapArt Australia  specialises in the sale of maps that are antique. Antique MapArt Australia offers maps depicting the Australasian region namely Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand, lower South East Asia, as well as the western part of the Pacific between that survived in the 1500s and 1800s. Antique MapArt Australia offers a large collection of antique Australasian maps that are also available online.

Antique MapArt Australia complements its map collection with pieces available from the collections thta are held nationally and internationally. This fact enables Antique MapArt Australia to provide its clients with a comprehensive selection of the Australasian region.

There are other maps at Antique MapArt Australia that have diverse relationships with the region. These maps are those that are connected to personalities like Cook, Bligh or King. There are maps that show the evolution of the region too.

The main focus of Antique MapArt Australia is the Australian continent and maps of Australia designed include maps showing the exploration of the interior, sea charts of the coast . There are ones that show the layout of cities, towns and countries.