Antique Bed Specialists  offers several kinds of restored antique beds like antique timber beds, antique wooden beds, antique brass beds and antique cast iron beds, to name a few. Antique Bed Specialists began its antique bed restoration business in 1980 and has since, gathered wide experience in resorting antique beds. Antique Bed Specialists have restored about 2500 beds and have supplied many restored antique beds to Bed and Breakfast places, boutiques and hotels.

Antique Bed Specialists offers restored queen size and king size beds with slat base and a supportive bar in order to provide additional support to frames and beds. The antique beds are restored, repaired and the originality is brought out, while maintaining exclusive appearance and quality. Antique Bed Specialists provides antigue bed restoration solutions including side rails fitting, straightening and squaring of beds. Extra cross supportive bar is fitted to all queen antique beds, king single antique beds and king antique beds. Entire repairing work on the beds is completed before priming, sandblasting and painting.

Antique Bed Specialists uses traditional shellac and French polish for finishing wooden antique beds. The brass fittings in the antique beds are stripped, repaired, polished and lacquer treated in order to minimise tarnishing effect.

Antique Bed Specialists offers repairing services for already owned antique beds, also. Full restorations or extension of the beds is done to restore the family's original heirloom antique piece. Antique Bed Specialists provides a complete restoration solution by replacing the missing part or damaged part of the antique beds. Unrestored antique beds are also available for selection and restoration to suit specific needs of customers.