Answer Air  provides a range of inverters for air conditioners. These inverters help to maintain constant room temperature. All that a person needs to do is adjust the temperature according to his requirements and the temperature will be constant at all time inside the room. Answer Air’s inverter air conditioners are more powerful and energy efficient.
The inverters are manufactured with the latest advanced technology that has different operations. The inverters almost work like car accelerators that smoothly increase or decrease power. As it reaches the desired temperature quickly, it maintains a steady temperature without fluctuations. Answer Air offers a wide range of Neo plasma air purifying system inverters such as LG Inverter 2.80kw, LG Inverter 3.52kw, LG Inverter 5.28kw, LG Inverter 7.03kw and LG Inverter 8.0kw.
Conventional air conditioners it operates at a fixed speed, delivering a preset amount of cooling and heating. The temperature can be set according to customer choice and the function is works with a start /stop principle. The air purifying filters and innovative air flow systems from Answer Air ensures that fresh, conditioned air flows evenly to every corner of the room.

The output power of every air conditioner from Answer Air is stabilised with the optimum setting within the maximum to minimum range to match the load that gets affected by various factors like the number of individuals present and the room temperature.