Designer Steve Taylor’s vision for the outdoor landscaping at Luke and Jasmin’s 1910s house, Summerhill, successfully utilised a blend of quality architectural materials to create two compact, yet feature-packed spaces in the front garden and rear courtyard.

Walking into Summerhill, visitors immediately encounter a walkway paved with slender Anston Newham pavers, forming a central pathway to the house entrance. Flanked with soft lawn to the right, the paving continues towards the rain garden to the left, while a softly bubbling water feature adds to the serenity of the space.

The use of curves within the interior décor is a repeated theme outdoors. Moving into the rear courtyard, the atmosphere transforms into that of a very modern space, with various zones for lounging, dining, swimming and relaxing. Staggered Newham pavers bring a connection from the front garden, this time laid beneath the outdoor dining setting adjacent to the wood-fired pizza oven.

Luke and Jasmin’s 1910s house renovation presents the ultimate entertaining space for a lavish home lifestyle. A stunning result, made possible by the tremendous effort of all parties involved.

Project details

Project: Summerhill, The Block 2020

Location: Brighton, VIC

Designer: Steve Taylor, COS Design

Contractor: InStyle Gardens

Product: Paving

Product Colour/s: Newham

Photographer: Patrick Redmond