Angle Shoe Products introduces simple pivot door details that have been prepared for service closets in set plasterboard.

Ideal for smart interiors on tight budgets, the pivot door details eliminate the need for a traditional door frame, simplifying pivot door installation and avoiding the need for special tools and trade skills.

Created by door and hardware specialist architect Howard Styles, the door details and pivot design provide an easy way to achieve clean set plaster detailing requested by many designers to reduce the visual impact of service doors in the foyers and lobbies of commercial buildings.

Low cost pivots and simple plaster work can have significant cost advantages. Unlike traditional door frames, which are a structural necessity for hinged doors, the vertical axial load in pivot doors is carried by the floor and the head just secures the top of the door in place. Though the gains achieved by eliminating the door frame is offset by the additional cost of plaster accessories and plaster setting work, one can save on painting costs. The pivot door and surround can be finished with a paint roller eliminating cutting-in around door frames and architraves. The saving in painting work can exceed the purchase cost of a solid-core door.

First launched at DesignBuild 2004 in Melbourne, Angle Shoe pivots are made in Canberra and designed for 35mm doors weighing up to 50kg. The centreline pivots are manufactured from extruded aluminium and detailed with the pivot point 70mm from the heel of the door. This configuration eliminates the need for a curved bull-nose door stile, with a plain edged door and a 3mm gap more than sufficient. The pivots are finished in silver grey powder coat.