Pivot hinges from Angle Shoe Products are designed for versatile use, simple installation and economy.

Specialising in the design and manufacture of pivot hinges in Canberra for ten years, Angle Shoe offers their products for use in various residential and commercial applications.

Designer Howard Styles explains that inventive clients keep finding new uses for Angle Shoe pivots. Recently the London office of a Korean lighting company built a slick display stand for a Frankfurt lighting show. The hollow stem of the rivet was used to get power into the rotating illuminated panels.

Angle Shoe pivots are often used for 35mm closet doors in flush set-plasterboard walls. The pivot hinges are easy to install without any special tools or trade skills required. Commercial uses include fire equipment, electrical, data and security closets while residential applications include wardrobes, linen closets, broom closets and laundry closets.

Key features of Angle Shoe pivots:

  • Economical pivot hinges with simple installation
  • Ideal for flush closet doors in set-plasterboard walls
  • Traditional door frames not required
  • Mitered architraves not required
  • Eliminates protruding hinge knuckles
  • Ideal for 35mm thick doors to 50kg (approx 2400 x 920 x 35 mm solid core)