Andrea Borelli , a talented artist provides stucco veneziano, a highly decorative plaster. The stucco veneziano can be applied in various different techniques just to achieve the desired effect based on customer requirement and specification.

Unlike paint that is warm to the touch, stucco veneziano plaster is cold like real marble. The finish in these stucco venezianos can be hard to photograph, as photos do not always depict its true depth and appeal. Andrea Borelli is a talented artist, with a passion to work and provide unique modern products that has a traditional historical touch.

Andrea Borelli provides traditional historical Italian recipe designed to transform ordinary walls into extraordinary works of art. Every product from Andrea Borelli is shiny or matt, translucent or opaque depending on the trowel technique and smoothing process.

Andrea Borelli creates products to satisfy architects and designers who needed creative solutions for walls, ceilings, columns and decorative features. This allows designers to create using spectrum of luminescent colours to give both classical and contemporary settings. According to Andrea Borelli, all his works are related to harmony, feelings, precision, passion and that every job is different and only with those four elements can one achieves something positive.