Leading Australian repetition manufacturer of pipe supports and pipe clamps, Anchorage Group has now extended their range of long leg U-Bolts.

Anchorage U-Bolts are now available with leg lengths in excess of 1500mm to suit pipe sizes from 100NB through to 600NB. Standard thread sizes for the extra long U-Bolts start at M12 for the 100NB U-Bolt and extend to M24 thread on the long leg U-Bolt to fit 600NB pipes.

A full coating service is also provided for Anchorage’s extended leg U-Bolts with a choice of galvanised or powder-coated finishes. Linings such as neoprene in these pipe supports prevent abrasive wear points in applications where vibration of pipes and tube may be an issue. 

Anchorage also offers extra long U-Bolts in 304 stainless steel where required.

Anchorage Group provides comprehensive repetition fabrication and bending capabilities to produce U-Bolts in quantities from 20 units through to thousands in short lead times.