The pool designed by Amic Pools literally turns customer’s background in to a private resort. All pools that are designed by Amic Pools are custom designed as per client’s requirements. Amic Pools offer one of the top quality swimming pool to its clients. Amic Pools offers fixed price quote that suit the requirement of customer’s requirement and needs. The skilled professionals of Amic Pools help to turn the backyard into a fun environment. Amic Pools design swimming pool in such a way that it offers daily fun, fitness and secure feeling in terms of their investment.

Amic Pools offers diverse range of multi purpose, high performance swimming pool pumps that are ideal for filtration as well as to swim jets, water features and spa jets that are fitted to swimming pools. The pump variety from Amic Pools is manufactured according to the weather as well as keeping in mind the toughest climatic conditions. The size of pump series from Amic Pools range from 750 watt (1hp) to 1500 watt (2hp) and are covered by two or three year warranty depending on the model purchased.