AME System introduces the Expert Desk electric height adjustable computer desks, rapidly and easily adjustable for height.

To perform efficiently and avoid short‐term discomfort and long‐term physical damage, a desk needs to be flexible in its configuration. It must be properly designed to avoid unnecessary reaching and bad posture. The Expert Desk regularly re‐positions the desktop at exactly the user’s preferred height for sitting and standing. By electronically controlling the actuators that respond smoothly and quickly at the push of a button, the Expert Desk adjusts the height of the work surface to the physique of the user.

When standing, the pressure on the intervertebral discs is fairly low, much lower than when we sit. Unsupported static muscle fatigue is relieved through muscle movement when standing. Movement is important to keep the spine healthy, improve circulation and reduce muscle fatigue. Prolonged sitting causes a steady compression on the spinal discs that can contribute to their premature degeneration. Constant sitting can also inhibit blood flow, specifically blood that is returning to the heart from the lower legs, causing blood to pool and accelerate fatigue.

The following are some of the key specifications of the electric height adjustable computer desk:

  • 1800x1100mm
  • electric height adjustment:  min. height: 680mm;max. height: 1280mm;max lifting capacity: 160kg
  • speed: 43mm/sec

Other optional accessories available:

  • computer holder
  • adjustable foot rest
  • flat screen monitor arm
  • electrical duct with six power outlets