Named after the Greek word for “living thing”, Zoie is an Australian made and designed planter exclusively available through Ambius , the interior plantscaping specialists.

Created by the reigning IDEA designer of the Year, Helen Kontouris, the fully recyclable pot is available in three different sizes small desktop, medium and large. The Zoie planter comes in a two leg version referred to as ‘Zoie - Sophia’ and a three leg version named ‘Zoie - Anouk’.

The Zoie planter from Ambius features a two tone colouring scheme with one colour on the inside, the other on the outside. The medium and large planters are moulded with sub-irrigation ability for indoor and outdoor use.

Made from polyethylene, the planter is free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) which means the product does not emit gases often associated with new products such as carpets, furniture and cars. These VOC's can provoke irritation indoors especially in an office space.  

The demand for creative planter options in the commercial industry can be linked to the growing awareness of the health benefits of indoor plants as workers look to incorporate these plants in a way that also improves the aesthetic feel of an indoor space. Rachael O’Keefe, Ambius national design manager, said that with trusted bodies such as the Green Building Council of Australia recognising the importance of indoor plants through their Green Star program, demand is expected to increase.