Ambius  plantscape designers are available to help design landscaping projects, producing drawings, specifications and details customised to ranging needs. 

Ambius can provide exterior plants in containers suitable for everything from established shrubs and display garden beds outside the front of a hotel or office, to hanging gardens on major buildings.

Where space is limited or where a subtle indicator of an entrance is required then Ambius' range of specimen plants in a variety of atypical containers can be used to soften the buildings appearance and provide a welcome invitation. Ambius specialises in unorthodox projects as well as ordinary corporate landscapes. 

Planting inside and outside a workplace creates a relaxing and welcoming environment for employees. It provides staff and clients with an area to unwind and relax. Ambius can incorporate water features or decorative gravel with sculptures where regular maintenance access is limited.

Grounds maintenance is also available from Ambius for grassed areas, car parks, shrubs and borders.