According to Ambius , one of the world’s leading interior plantscaping companies, interior design is taking a leaf from the great outdoors with ‘green zones’ growing in popularity.

Chosen for their environmental, health and aesthetic benefits, green zone areas feature indoor plant installations which act as an architectural feature for corporate, retail and hospitality environments.

One of the most popular ‘green zone’ options from Ambius is the Schiavello Vertical Garden. This grid arrangement allows numerous potted plants to be positioned in a free-standing column or wall, dramatically transforming the work space.

Very much in vogue with demand expected to increase, particularly in the corporate sector, green zones create a fresh, contemporary look for internal spaces that generate a salient aesthetic factor. With many hours spent at work in offices, plant installations provide a way to make these environments greener on the inside.

The benefits of providing quality office fit outs for staff include health benefits that result in happier and healthier employees. Green zones can also significantly reduce noise levels in open plan offices. Further highlighting their importance, the Green Building Council of Australia recognises the benefits of indoor plants in its Green Star rating program.