It is not often that a company can have such a direct association with the causes it supports, but Ambius has done it with a range of indoor plants for and its involvement with Rainforest Rescue.

“We are a continuing major supporter of the good work Rainforest Rescue is doing, particularly in helping to protect the Daintree Rainforest in far north Queensland,” says Ray Borg, Ambius Regional Director for Asia Pacific.

“We are also conscious of spreading the message about the importance of air quality. I think everyone knows about the role rainforests play in improving the air we breathe, but few know that indoor plants do the same thing,” says Ray.

To highlight the issue of indoor air quality and to support Rainforest Rescue, Ambius has launched a new Australian rainforest range which includes:

  • Castenospermum asutrale (Blackbean)
  • Licuala ramsayii (Fan Palm)
  • Schefflera actinophylla (Umbrella tree); and
  • Agatha robusta (Kauri Pine).
All of these species are Australian rainforest plants that have been selected for their abilities to survive well in an indoor environment.

When customers choose any of these plants as part of their Ambius indoor plant rental, Ambius will make a contribution toward Rainforest Rescue, to help protect rainforests in the unique Daintree area in North Queensland, thus helping to create wildlife corridors for the nation's unique fauna.