Today’s construction industry is saturated with a vast array of manufacturers and products that modern designers and specifiers can choose from. It goes without saying that expertise, quality of product and compliance with industry standards are key elements to consider when selecting the best services and products. However, what truly makes the best brands stand out is a progressive philosophy anchored in innovation, extensive experience - and commitment to continuous improvement of their products and customer experience.

Without a doubt, one of those brands is AM-BOSS - one of Australia’s market leaders when it comes to offering high quality access ladders and roof access stairs. True industry pioneers, AM-BOSS was the first company to offer Australian-made attic access ladders in 1979 - and the company has been designing, manufacturing, installing and distributing purpose-built pull-down and fixed access ladder systems with tremendous success ever since. 

Here, we look at AM-BOSS’ journey to becoming one of the top choices of access ladder suppliers nationwide by leading the path for the rest of the industry in product innovation, quality and compliance. 

From a prototype to a modern pull-down ladder

The first prototypes of pull-down access ladders were designed and manufactured by Werner Hecht in 1979. With an innovative approach and quality at the core of the product, AM-BOSS Trading was registered a year later, kicking off further advancements in the design of the product and introducing installation into suspended ceilings. With the growing popularity of the AM-BOSS offering, Werner’s commitment to constant improvement meant he attended all product installations in person to assess the performance of the ladders in order to continue innovating the original product. 

One of the first significant improvements was the addition of fixing clips to hold the ladder in the ceiling once pushed in, drastically simplifying the installation process. However, Werner’s legacy in product improvement didn’t stop there. Continuous design changes to other components of the products meant the introduction of a metal architrave which made installation a breeze and the introduction advent of a simple height adjustment mechanism made it easy to eliminate mistakes and further simplify the installation process. These improvements continue to be highlights of AM-BOSS’ pull-down ladders until this day. 

The modern access ladder

Today, the AM-BOSS system is manufactured to the highest quality with most of the hardware made in-house. Easy to install and trouble free, it provides an excellent customer experience and as a guarantee of their quality all domestic installations come with a twenty year manufacturer’s warranty, while commercial and industrial ladders come with a twelve month manufacturer’s warranty. 

Leaders in compliance and safety 

As a true market leader in compliance and safety, as of 2003 AM-BOSS has also been the first and only pull-down access ladder company to comply with the Building Code of Australia.

AM-BOSS cemented their leadership and forward thinking ethos in 2011 by becoming the first company to offer a CodeMark certified attic access ladder through the National Construction Code CodeMark Certification scheme. Today, all their pull-down access ladders carry CodeMark Certification.

From Australia to the Antarctic and Brunei 

Since its registration in 1980, AM-BOSS has undergone rapid expansion - their access ladders have been installed in residential and commercial spaces both nationally and globally. From installations throughout Australia to destinations like the USA, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Samoa, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, and even Antarctica, AM-BOSS has successfully established their credentials at home and overseas. 

Top choice for the modern industry professional

With over 40 years of national and international experience, AM-BOSS Access Ladders offers the consumer a compliant product of the highest quality that is Australian-made, Australian-owned - and manufactured with Australian resources. 

With a thoughtfully selected wide network of renowned suppliers and distributors throughout Australia, the wide range of AM-BOSS products is readily available which, in combination with their superior credentials, makes them a top choice for modern industry professionals.