Several options are available from AM-BOSS Access Ladders , when it comes to access ladders and accessories for commercial and industrial uses.

Of these, the ‘Access-Boss’ comes manufactured with a galvanised steel support frame and a fixed secondary ladder on the top. The stanchions of the secondary ladder lead up through the roof hatch for easy access to the roof. In some cases, if required, telescopic stanchions are provided.

Another ladder from AM-BOSS Access Ladders, which is basically for commercial use, is the cage ladder, which is made of aluminium and has full length handrails.

AM-BOSS Access Ladders also supplies, other ladders for commercial and industrial use. These are the all metal ladders, fixed access ladders with handrails and pull-down access ladders in a suspended ceiling.

Some of the accessories supplied by AM-BOSS Access Ladders for commercial use include simple walkways, and railings and also those with secondary ladder, roof access hatch and telescopic stanchions. Additionally, Am-Boss Access Ladders also supplies customers’ requirement of a fixed overpass with hand rails, which can pass over the parapet.