The Domestic Series of attic access ladders from AM-BOSS Access Ladders are an ideal solution for gaining access to attics without having to build a staircase.

Three types of ladders are available in the domestic series range – Access-Boss, Access-Meister and Big-Boss.

An ingenious spring mechanism on the access ladders allows for quick and easy operation, but also allows the springs to be relaxed when closed, ensuring life-long service.

Access ladder hatches have an in-built-frame and are mounted, so as to allow clearance between the steps and ceiling hatch for a safer footing.

Key features of the access ladders include:

  • dust and draught sealing strips
  • concealed hinges
  • fully adjustable
  • easily installed
  • counter balanced
  • pole to open the hatch
  • made in three sections for strength, easy operation and easy reach.

Ladders come fully assembled, with on the shelf models up to a ceiling height of 3.6m, and custom-made models up to 5.8m.


Optional extras for the access ladders include a standard handrail, full-length handrail, 4-section ladder – useful for limited or confined spaces – and in ceiling handrail or grab rail. 

Access-Boss and Big Boss attic access ladders are manufactured in aluminium with the flat non-slip treads welded into the stiles. This makes them strong and durable. All steel parts, including springs, are zinc plated. They come with a 20 year warranty.

The Access-Boss ladder, with its strength, simple, practical and trouble free design is well-suited to commercial and domestic applications.

The Access-Meister is manufactured in top grade NZ pine timber.