Alumate castellation cladding in a woodgrain finish met the brief for a timber look sought by the architect for the facade of Cedar College, a modern institution in Unanderra, NSW known for its high-quality education and exceptional facilities. 

Set at the base of Mt Kembla, with spectacular views of the mountain, Cedars is not only situated amidst gorgeous surroundings, but is also continuously looking towards future developments for the college such as the new state-of-the-art classrooms expected to be unveiled in early 2023.

Cedar College

Establishing the colour and finish was crucial to the unique castellation design of the project. HS Architects’ idea to combine sandstone with a timber look not only added character to the façade but also softened the appearance of the building.

Cedar College

However, the primary challenge was to select a product, which could achieve a high quality finish matching the identity of the college. Gledhill, the builder, identified ALUMATE cladding systems as capable of providing a sublime finish in addition to achieving the warmth desired by the designer.

ALUMATE utilises the latest Italian ‘Decoral’ woodgrain system, which employs only the highest quality powders, inks, and equipment to create remarkably realistic woodgrain finishes. Furthermore, the heat transfer technology improves the durability of the surface coating to provide longevity.

ALUMATE’s ALC18025 ‘American Oak’ was selected as the castellation cladding, providing the soft, natural timber tone whilst also ensuring weatherproofing, which further resonated with low maintenance. The cladding was installed by TC Built.

ALUMATE’s ALC18025 ‘American Oak’

“Very impressed with the ease of installation and was extremely satisfied with the outcome making ALUMATE the perfect choice for this project,” TC Built commented.