Altro wall cladding and safety flooring systems have been installed at the St Hilda’s College of the University of Melbourne as part of their refurbishment project.  

St Hilda’s College sought a cost-effective solution to re-vamp their kitchen and decided to trial the Altro wall and floor system.  

Satisfied with the results, St Hilda’s decided to continue using Altro interior surfaces in their refurbishment.  

The food preparation area consisting of two kitchens at St Hilda’s College needed a major refurbishment to sustain their needs for the long term. The two kitchen areas undergoing a major refurbishment program prominently feature Altro wall cladding and safety flooring.  

According to Adrian Peynenborg, of The Campeyn Group, the builders in charge of the work, St Hilda’s main concern was to find a cost-effective way to replace the old damaged tiles.  

Altro Whiterock wall cladding was the ideal solution as it could be installed over any existing surface without any need to remove the old tiles and plaster.  

Key benefits for St Hilda’s from the Whiterock wall cladding: 

  • Whiterock installation over the existing wall surface saved time and money 
  • Smooth and hygienic surface with thermoforming around corners and welded joints 
  • Fully sealed system eliminates dirt and contamination build-up 
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance without strenuous scrubbing 
Altro’s K30 safety flooring was selected for the floor in the kitchens. K30 safety flooring is the most slip-resistant flooring in Altro’s portfolio and conforms to Australian Standards AS4586.

Both Whiterock and K30 tiles contain Altrosan integral bacteriostat and are fully endorsed by HACCP for use in food and beverage facilities such as commercial kitchens.