A convenient way to help children pass the time while waiting for their appointment!

Altro Whiterock™ Imagination Wall gives children the chance to colour to their hearts' content - then you can just dry wipe away and they can start again! Colouring stimulates creativity among children and is a therapeutic activity for them to engage in. This product allows for a more modern and fun alternative for children to be able to colour in a wall, without the stress afterwards. It also allows for ongoing creativity, with the ease of wiping away and starting from scratch. It is a fantastic way of keeping children occupied in environments such as waiting rooms.

This new addition to the Altro Whiterock range is available in six imaginative scenes providing children with a low-maintenance creative outlet, while simultaneously protecting walls from scuffs and bumps commonly found in paediatric offices and classrooms. Designed for use with non-toxic, washable, dry wipe markers, Altro Whiterock™ Imagination Wall can be easily cleaned for repeated use.

Altro Whiterock™

Altro Whiterock 2.5mm PVC sheet, a proven, high performance and hygienic alternative to painted walls and ceramic tiles. Tough, robust, impact-resistant, impermeable, grout-free and easy to clean and maintain, Altro Whiterock is available in a wide range of colours and designs that allows you to create unique and attractive interior spaces.

The product includes panels for colouring in by children. You’re able to dry wipe clean for repeated use and it also protects walls from bumps and scuffs in areas where children play.

Altro Whiterock™ Imagination Wall is perfect for:

  • Doctor’s office
  • Hospitals
  • Classrooms and nurseries
  • Activity centres

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