Altro Flooring and Walling presents a versatile solution designed to offer seriously tough protection for walls, doors and corners, especially in public areas. Altro Fortis Titanium 15 PVCu sheets find application in diverse environments, keeping interiors safe from impact and scuff damage.

In environments that experience a high amount of foot traffic such as healthcare, education and retail buildings, for instance, wall and door surfaces are particularly subject to damage from constant exposure to feet, bags, equipment and wheels. Maintenance in such environments can be ongoing and costly, and cleaning difficult.

Altro Fortis offers seriously tough 1.5mm thick protection for walls, doors and corners, keeping interior surfaces safe from damage and looking good for longer.

Altro Fortis sheets can be used in conjunction with Altro safety flooring for an integrated tough and safe environment. The system also works well with Altro Whiterock hygienic wall cladding, creating aesthetic consistency between hygienic and general areas.

The slight texture on the PVCu sheet helps to disguise knocks and scuffs. However, the textured surface makes it unsuitable for hygienic environments such as clinical areas in healthcare.

Key advantages of Altro Fortis Titanium 1.5 sheets include ability to be cut into any required size to create corner protection panels to suit; flexibility to be thermoformed to go around bends and corners for a seamless finish; and simple installation using acrylic adhesive or the adhesive-free option with Altro Fortis double sided tape.

The adhesive-free installation option eliminates odours, making it perfect for living or working environments where adhesive odours can often cause disruption. Installation is also quicker with the adhesive-free option – the application area can be up and ready in half the time of a traditional installation, letting you get back to business with minimal interruption.