A women’s health clinic for breast screening in Cork, Ireland features Altro safety flooring and walling to help create a harmonious space for visitors.

Altro floors and walls have been installed in the southern unit of the National Breast Screening Service in Cork, Ireland with Unit Manager Belinda Carroll selecting Altro products to provide a practical as well as an aesthetically pleasing refurbishment of the reception areas.

Belinda explains that Breast Check offers free mammogram tests designed for early detection of breast cancer. Since screening can be an anxious time for service users, the facility sought to create a space of harmony and warmth, far removed from a traditional clinical setting. A key requirement was for the products to be safe and easy to maintain while still providing a welcoming vibe.

Aligned with the sensibilities of the women’s health clinic, a high gloss Altro Whiterock Chameleon wall cladding in vibrant 'Feng Shui' purple was selected to set the feminine tone and match with the softer 'cotton' colour of Altro safety flooring.

The flooring and walling together provide a high-quality system with excellent hygienic properties. Altro Whiterock is a fully bonded watertight surface that can be wiped clean easily. The Altro Easyclean Maxis PUR technology in Altro Suprema II not only ensures enhanced hygiene but also provides a sparkle-free finish ideal for front-of-house settings in dementia and healthcare environments.

Altro’s installers worked closely with the clinic’s team to meet specific requirements. Pretty floral motifs were made from, and hand cut into, the Altro flooring using some of the bolder and brighter colours available in the product's 40-colour range. From an aesthetic point of view, the decorative motifs complement the purple tone of the wall while breaking up the neutral colour of the flooring. From a functional perspective, the design provides a visual pathway along the corridor to assist visitors to the facility.

Image: A high gloss Altro Whiterock Chameleon wall cladding in vibrant 'Feng Shui' purple matches with the softer 'cotton' colour of Altro safety flooring