In step with global trends toward sustainability and responsible resource management, Alspec is pleased to announce a major step in reducing carbon intensity in aluminium production through its newly branded GreenCore® Aluminium by Alspec.

A pathway to sustainable growth

This initiative highlights Alspec's commitment to reducing carbon intensity to less than 8kg CO2 per kg of Al, significantly outperforming the global average for primary aluminium production. By adopting methods that leverage secondary aluminium scrap and renewable energy sources like hydro, solar, or gas-generated energy. Simultaneously, the structural integrity of Alspec's aluminium systems remains uncompromised.


The GreenCore® Aluminium by Alspec initiative is a monumental leap in Alspec’s journey toward sustainability. It is fully aligned with Australia's net-zero emissions target. By adopting advanced technology and aligning with global shifts toward more sustainable practices, Alspec reaffirms its commitment to climate change mitigation and a greener future.