In the ever-evolving landscape of architectural innovation, the Brookvale Oval Redevelopment and Centre of Excellence stands as a testament to design brilliance.

Spearheaded by architects Hassell Ltd and brought to life by the craftsmanship of ADCO Constructions, this project reached its completion in January 2022, marking a milestone in sports facility architecture.

The project included a sprawling 3,000-person covered seating area, cutting-edge training facilities and meeting spaces, and state-of-the-art amenities that cater to the needs of local footy club, the Manly Sea Eagles.

One of the key players in the project’s success was fabricator Tamar Windows, whose close collaboration with builder ADCO Constructions was pivotal in surmounting the project challenges. These included time constraints and subcontractor availability as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns, and unpredictable ground conditions and weather.

The north façade incorporates Alspec ecoWall 225mm flush glazed framing and CFC panels to ensure structural integrity and allow for self-draining. A high degree of coordination between Tamar Windows and the cladding contractor, Dunrite also ensured the delicate alignment of vertical sightlines between levels one and two of the structure.

For the south façade, the fabricator recommended Hunter Evo 150mm double flush glazed framing, ProGlide UltraFlat sliding doors, and Hawkesbury bi-fold doors to optimise natural light and ventilation.

An eloquent blend of form and function, the Brookvale Oval Redevelopment was a resounding success.

Project details

Project: Brookvale Oval Redevelopment and Centre of Excellence

Architect: Hassell Ltd

Builder: ADCO Constructions

Fabricator: Tamar Windows

Alspec Products:

  • ecoWALL 225
  • Hunter Evo 150mm Double Flush Glazed Framing
  • ProGlide UltraFlat™ Sliding Door
  • Hawkesbury® Commercial Multi-Fold Door