The Grosvenor Crescent residence located in a sun-soaked suburb of Sydney is a testament to the exceptional expertise of fabricator, Wellfix Glass and Aluminium.

From the joined curved-to-straight glazed panels adorning the building's entrance to the immaculately measured and constructed large circular balcony skylight, every element of the residence exemplifies the technical proficiency of Wellfix. Other features include flawlessly integrated curved-to-straight panels, stylish fluted glass interior doors, and a truly distinctive circular balcony skylight. These meticulously crafted elements not only enhance the contemporary aesthetics of the building but also optimise water views.

The project involved technically complex aspects that demanded innovative and customised solutions. One such challenge arose with the glazed panels specified for the front entry. Innovate Architects envisioned a seamless merger of a flat glass section with a curved section, eliminating the usually visible joint between the two parts. Wellfix rose to the occasion by collaborating closely with Bent & Curved Glass, a leading specialist in curved glass, resulting in the development of an ingenious solution that perfectly achieved the desired outcome.

To enhance the energy efficiency, Low-E glass was thoughtfully employed throughout the project, perfectly complementing the double-glazing to mitigate any potential heat gain or loss.

The promotion of natural ventilation was prioritised, achieved by incorporating floor-to-ceiling panels of Breezeway Louvre galleries. This strategic installation allows the home to fully capitalise on the refreshing sea breezes that grace the area during the afternoons.

Project details

Project: Grosvenor Crescent, Cronulla

Fabricator: Wellfix Glass and Aluminium

Builder: Br Building

Architect: Innovate Architects

Alspec Products:

  • ProGlide UltraFlat Sliding Doors
  • Halliday + Baillie Catalogue
  • ecoFRAMEplus 101.6mm Centre Pocket Double Glazed Framing
  • McArthur Evo 101.6mm Centre Pocket Framing
  • McArthur 101.6mm Centre Pocket Framing