Alphasan  offers washroom services to ensure a fresh washroom with the dispensers fully operational and well stocked. Alphasan provides fortnightly, monthly or weekly services that include maintenance, supply, provision and installation of dispensers and consumables excluding paper.

The services also include odour control, insect control, sanitary disposal, hygiene systems, washroom consumables and hand drying systems. Alphasan provides odour control with its auto sanitiser and auto air freshener. The Auto air freshener dispenser from Alphasan consists of odour control molecules that can float for a longer period of time and have a strong smell. The air fresheners are available with variety of fragrances.

The automatic dosing system of auto sanitiser is known to provide 24 hour sanitation. Auto Sanitiser is regarded to kill 99.9% of bacteria. RoboCan is an insect control system provided by Alphasan. RoboCan provides insect control by using an aerosol spray that consists of pyrethrin (chrysanthemum extract). The vaporisation of natural pyrethrin by RoboCan results in death of the insects. RoboCan is AQIS approved product that can be used in regions of food preparation.

The hand drying systems provided by Alphasan include Air Hand Dryer and Electronic paper towel. The Toweltronic paper towel dispenser is an electronic dispenser that is known to save paper protection by a maximum of 50%. The Toweltronic is a hands free paper towel dispernser system in Australia. The paper length is adjusted electronically.