Alltoilets WA  manufactures different kinds of toilets such as chemical toilet, sewer connect toilet, trailer-mounted toilets and event portable toilet to meet the various individual demands of customer.

Alltoilets WA produces standard chemical toilets which are fully conformed to the health department regulations. The toilet has latest design profiled body, with galvanised lifting lugs

and a green polyethylene translucent roof which allows natural light to come in.

The doors are fully framed and have dual locking system, the base is galvanised, the side are pressed and door have vents. Alltoilets WA provide effluent tanks with a capacity of three hundred ninety litre and fresh water tank with the capacity of one hundred ten litres. The toilet also has fresh water flush and pumps for wash purpose and also the floor does not skid.

These toilets have the latest design polyethylene body with galvanised lifting lugs, provided with white polyethylene translucent roof for natural lighting, the doors are fully framed equipped with dual locking system and galvanised skid base, these toilets have the capacity and flush facilities same as chemical toilets.