The Acrylic Onyx range from Allplastics Engineering stands out for its versatility in design applications. Combining all the advantages of acrylic with the translucence and interesting patterns of onyx or alabaster, Acrylic Onyx has been generating a lot of interest amongst designers and architects.

Acrylic Onyx has high rigidity, can be easily cut, glued and formed, and is available in a variety of colours. Allplastics stocks 8mm thick sheets in seven textures: Firehorse, Golden Lantern, Venus, Saturn, Storm, Sunburst and Tidal Wave.

Sheets up to 30mm thick are available for special projects on request.

Designers can integrate LED lighting to add a range of special effects. Cool, neutral or warm backlit tones can be achieved easily for stunning interior design outcomes. This feature is popular in the events space to create the desired ambience at the venue for each occasion.

Acrylic Onyx is ideal for bar fronts, bottle displays, bathroom vanities, decorative partitions, hotel foyers, wall features and point of sale displays.