Allplastics Engineering presents Perspex Fluorescent, a range of cast acrylic sheets available in bright colours to create eye-catching window displays.

Featuring a glowing edge, Perspex Fluorescent achieves high colour brightness as the light absorbed by the sheet is propagated and driven to the edges. The numbers, letters and logos engraved on the surface attract the attention of passers-by and shoppers. The excellent light transmission makes Perspex Fluorescent particularly suitable for point of sale displays, signage, laser-cut decorative elements, product launches, advertising, nightclub interiors and lighting.

The Perspex Fluorescent colour palette includes Mars Red, Neptune Blue, Lava Orange, Solar Yellow, Acid Green and Laser Pink. The soft texture on both sides of the sheet, punctuated by the striking fluorescent neon edge effect, creates endless design possibilities.

Perspex Fluorescent is available from Allplastics in 3050 x 2030 mm and 2030 x 1520 mm sizes with 3mm thickness.

Allplastics also supplies solid fluorescent rods in 20mm diameter to complement the Perspex Fluorescent acrylic sheets.

Cut-to-size and shape services are available for all materials.