Allplastics Engineering is proud to introduce its new range of hardcoat polycarbonate mirror sheeting. As polycarbonate is virtually impossible to break, the mirror sheets are ideal for use as security mirrors in environments where damage is more likely to occur.

The polycarbonate mirror sheeting is 6mm thick and benefits from approximately 30 times as much impact strength as acrylic mirror sheets and an impressive 250 times more strength than glass mirrors of the same dimensions.

The impact resistant polycarbonate mirrors can also withstand constant abuse and cleaning, making the sheeting perfect for security mirrors in applications such as:

  • police stations,
  • horse stables,
  • hospitals,
  • prisons, and
  • similar projects.
Allplastics’ polycarbonate mirror sheets are protected against scratches and damage from every day use and during installation thanks to their tough industry protective back coating.

The polycarbonate mirrors are available in sheets of 2440mm x 1220mm and Allplastics offers a cutting and CNC routing to shape service.

For similar applications where damage and breakage is not a concern Euromir acrylic sheets are also available in silver and a wide range of other colour.