The TotalStone textured wall panel series from Allplastics Engineering reproduces the colour and feel of stone, brick and slate materials.

The textured wall panels are filtered through actual decorating style, showing elegance, quality and distinct spaces even for difficult wall covers.

The wall panels are easy to install using the latest technology. TotalStone series from Allplastics are designed for panels, vaulted arches and angles that provide a distinguished touch in traditional and innovative spaces.

The wall panels come in old brick, scrubbed white brick, ochre old brick, alhambra brick, ochre alhambra brick and bi-colour brick.

The wall panels are made from solid stratified material unaffected from contraction and expansion, adaptable on any surface.

They are lightweight and thin, weighing between five to six kg/m squared and 1cm thick. The wall panels are water proof and durable.

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