A recent incident has once again highlighted the need to look for alternatives to glass in commercial awnings. A man fell from the 10th storey of a high rise building in Sydney CBD before smashing through a glass awning and onto a pathway.

To meet the clear glazing requirement without risking the use of glass, Allplastics Engineering offers polycarbonate sheets of 9.5mm and 12.7mm thickness. These sheets can be installed with recommended supporting structures, which do not have to be as heavy and expensive as the steel structures required for glass panels.

Key benefits of Allplastics’ mar resistant polycarbonate include ability to withstand falling tree branches, hailstorms or any other object; unique hard surface coating providing a high level of protection against unsightly scratching, making it ideal for applications with frequent contact; polycarbonate construction with a honeycomb structure for exceptional rigidity and light weight; and choice of colours, tints and satin finishes as well as clear UV grade options.

The state-of-the-art coating on both sides of the Margard sheet makes it one of the most abrasion-resistant plastic safety and security glazing products available in the market. Allplastics’ Margard mar resistant polycarbonate sheets not only save money on costs associated with steel structures but also reduce handling costs with their lightweight construction.

Allplastics also offers special composite panels in the PEP-core range or the Air Board variety to meet any requirement for translucent finishes. The PEP-core Stage 40 panel has a scratch-resistant and slip-resistant surface that supports weights up to 500kg per square metre.